The “happygenetics” concept project

In This project I wanted to explore and investigate the impact of our modern environment and habits on ourselves and our bodies. Since I can remember I was interested in the structure of our society as a capitalistic and materialistic society, driven by financial forces that led to the commercialization of the public and private, including our own bodies.

Epigenetics is a field of study that explores changes of the active functions of the genetic traits active within our own cells as a result of external and environmental feedback. These changes do not affect the basic makeup of the DNA, but can affect the way certain genes and traits are expressed.

These changes may occur due to the impact of our modern surroundings, especially in the modern globalized industrialized mass producing society that shape the way we live and consume everyday In the “happygenetics” project, I have used the shape of a chromosome, which holds the human DNA in each cell. By evolving and warping its basic shape, I mimic certain processes that represent the changes to our DNA or essence happening in certain abnormal conditions.

The project contains about 150 pins that attach to the garment to change and distort its original shape, creating unique and organic way of wearing pins.

More Info:

  • Materials: Sterling silver, 980 silver.
  • Techniques: 3D modeling and wax printing, silver casting.
  • Sizes: Varying pin sizes from 10mm/25mm to 40mm/70mm