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About Haven Design

In Haven Design, you can find unique and handmade jewelry inspired by microbiology and nature. My items are eco-driven and minimalist.
In the collection you can find long necklaces, stud earrings, thin bracelets, dangle earrings, post earrings, short necklaces, wedding jewelry and ocean inspired jewelry, all availble in sterling silver, 14K gold plated silver or gold cast (made by order).

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Professor Ernst Haeckel was a naturalist and illustrator. In 1850 he published his book “Artforms In Nature” that depicted in great detail many aspects of previously hidden life.
His works and illustrations has greatly inspired me. In the book I discovered remarkable drawings and sketches depicting plants, birds and sea life with great accuracy and artistic touch.


As a part of the design process, drawing draft sketches, is a key step in my path from inspiration to product. I draw countless of sketches so I can examine form and shaped on the creative way to the final there dimensional model.

3D Modelling

During my time in Betzalel academy, I have acquired 3D product design skills using advance tools and software. The inherent complexity of my designs makes 3D modeling and printing the best way to create intricate items with little limitations.


Jewelry, which commemorate extinct, endangered or threaten species, giving these creatures a new place and memory in our collective memory. The complex items are inspired by nature with the goal of raising awareness to the hidden beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, and the major impact, that we, as a society have on it

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Tel Aviv, Shenkin Street.