The Jellyfish

Shining a light to jellyfish blooms in our oceans and seas, resulting from ocean warming and pollution.

The Jellyfish Collection

This series is inspired by jellyfish, also known as Medusa.

These delicate, but dangerous creatures spend most of their lives sitting on the ocean floor, maturing into full grown jellies when the conditions are right. Jellyfish are an important indicator of ocean health as their numbers increase with rising sea temperature.

The Jellyfish Set

In some areas of the world, millions of jellyfish swarm together. These swarms, termed "blooms", can cause problems both for people and for marine animals. It's considered by many scientists today, that we might be seeing more jellyfish than before because ocean conditions are changing, mainly due to human interference.

The Jellyfish Set

in this collection you may find unique necklaces, earrings and rings. all items are availble in gold, silver, or gold plated silver.

The Jellyfish Set