The Lichen Dance

Commemorating the disappearance of Lichens from heavily polluted urban areas.

The Lichen dance Collection

This series is inspired by Lichens. Lichens are an amazing cooperative of life form, composed of two different organisms that complement each other (usually an algae and a fungi).

Lichens are common throughout the world and they thrive even in extrem places like the Arctic, However in places that have high levels of air pollution Lichens are slowly disappearing. Lichens are highly resistant organisms that can survive and thrive for hundreds of years when left alone, nonetheless, human activity and especially air pollution puts them at grave risk.

The Lichen Dance Set

Lichens come in many forms, shapes and colors and are often found all around us. Even so, we usually pay little attention to these delicate, but tough life forms.

The Lichen Dance Set

in this collection you may find unique necklaces, earrings and rings. all items are availble in gold, silver, or gold plated silver.

The Lichen Dance Set